I’m excited that you’re reading this now, because you’re doing something that the majority of people never do – invest in yourself.

In fact, most people think nothing of spending hundreds or even thousands of naira a year on fuel for their vehicle, yet they invest virtually nothing in fuel for their most important possession: their mind.

Back in October 2018, I didn’t know what to do to earn while pressing my phone. Especially, from this writing.

I had loved writing right from primary school and had grown good at it, as attested by everyone who came across my work. But I wanted more.

I had just graduated from University of Port Harcourt and I needed a job. I couldn’t get any one I desired because I didn’t have the NYSC certificate.

I went from N12,000 to N15,000 monthly teaching jobs. I still wrote and performed poetry yet no money off it. The audience for poetry seem not to be large.

2019, I took on hotel jobs that took my time and gave me no space for myself. As much as I wanted another source of income, we were not even allowed to press our phone while at work.

I quit the job, authored a book in print and on E-book, whilst writing for my blog which wasn’t profitable at the time.

In 2020, I relegated poetry while my focus on article writing and blog posts increased. I applied for writing jobs, none was coming until I got one and then another.

As a corps member earning N33,000, I was working for two Nigerian sites as a content writer for pay of N20,000 and N17,000.

At the time, it was good. But then Nigerian clients will most times owe, and they always underpay. What made my mind was when I was given a 2,000 words gig and by the time I was done, I was paid N2,000.

That was when I started trying out those who would pay in dollars. When my fellow corps members saw this, they wanted in too.

So, I told them where to apply where they could make over N100, 000 in a month if determined. They tried numerous times and were rejected.

They didn’t know what content writing was, even Corper Dami, who was a graduate of English studies from University of Ibadan had no idea what content writing was.

He was surprised how me, a graduate of Animal and Environmental Biology could earn hugely from this and he couldn’t.

From then, his interest was piqued. He wanted to learn. I told him to check Alison, Udemy or Coursera. He tried,and after two days he came back to me that it was difficult and he wanted me to reach him.

Same issue with Sarah who is an undergraduate, same thing too with my sister. They couldn’t learn from Alison, Udemy or Coursera. They needed a crash course to acquire this Digital skill.

For Onyinyechi, she just needed capital to invest in her business. But no way to raise it, so she wanted me to help.

It took me a huge while to make this, because I combined all my knowledge from three years into three days. To give an implementation course where you will learn:

  • Why your high school essays can’t give you money.
  • How to create a portfolio online [N1,000]
  • Optimizing tools you will need for writing professionally [N20,000]
  • How to find your niche in writing [N5,000]
  • Crash course on SEO [N30,000]
  • Sites for you to apply for foreign content writing jobs [N10,000]
  • How to earn N86,400 in your first 30 days after the course.

A total of N66,000; I crashed to N10,000, because I really want you to grab this lifetime opportunity. But for the first 20 persons, it will go for N3,000

I will be dishing out all I have learnt in 3 years on the 4th, 5th and 6th of June, 2021 from 8pm.

If you’re anything like me, you probably agree with this famous quote:

“Formal education will make you a living but self education will make you a fortune.”

The best time to start was during the pandemic, but the next best time to start is NOW!

A lot of persons have been on my neck for this training for nearly a year now. That means if you miss out on this online class, I most likely won’t do it again anytime soon.

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