Good morning y’all. I am very much excited to announce my very FIRST FAILED DEBATE, Yes you read that right, your eyes are perfectly okay honey🙃.

Now Grab Your Seat And Popcorn🍿
📍 it’s story time!!!!!!

You might wonder why I said my FIRST FAILED DEBATE, that’s because I have never recorded a failure in debate, I mean NEVER!!! Out of the numerous times I had to debate growing up.


I have friends from secondary school days and beyond on this platform that can attest to that, I have been on different stage for debate at Abuja, Nasarawa and even Anambra precisely but not one time did I know what failure feels like.

I participated in the UNIZIK PROJECT 4 Spelling Bee, Debate, essay writing and quiz competition, someone said I ought to be writing but then I chose Debate.

Firstly, I woke up that day to a rescheduled time for the competition, a competition of 4pm was moved to 10am with poor distribution of information.


Out of sixty participants, I was number fifty or thereabout. As unprepared as I was, I rushed to the venue and luckily I arrived at the exact time. Everything seemed beautiful and tensed though, I wouldn’t lie.

Now getting to three persons before me, the judge said she was in a hurry and slashed the time from three minutes to two minutes for the contestants left, Ahhhhhhh!!!😰😰😰

She was like go straight to your point, no introduction or explanation of any key words what so ever, I couldn’t blame her though she was already bored and tired🤦.

What disorganized me the more was “CHANGE YOUR POINTS OR YOU ARE ALREADY LOSING, because she had heard all the points repeatedly.” By the way how does anyone starts doing that by that time😳 ?

Moreover, these are university students and lots of people made their research as well as I did, I had my points well organized and even if someone said the same thing as me, I could probably project mine in a unique style and earn a plus one.

Not withstanding the intimidating courage of the law student that were already into the system or the English students that came with their British accent and grammatical jargon😣😣

Instantly tension came, my confidence began to sink, I adjusted my points and that alone scattered everything. So, when I began to speak, I can’t tell how my points got tangled in my throat.

The eye contact was poor initially until I said something I can’t remember and the crowd started cheering me, the claps and numbers of feet I saw standing restored my confidence. I spoke with POWER, I of course passed a message; but deep down, I knew I didn’t speak to WIN.


Though this debate recorded my first failure, but it is one of the smallest stage I have been on. Though this debate recorded my first failure but it’s not near my most difficult or challenging debate so far.

Someone told me, Deem you are not suppose to celebrate failure. What the heck😁😁, I told her, “Isn’t it failure that builds you up to success?”

Every success I have counted is rooted from the numerous failure you didn’t hear. Now, it’s all for the experience darling.


This guest post is from Dimchukwudi Onyinyechi Mirian, popularly addressed as Deem, a 300 level agricultural student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. An online entrepreneur, a creative writer, content creator and a unique poet. Most importantly, she is a very happy and fun-filled fellow. You can reach out to her on Facebook and on Instagram at Deem Onyinyechi


2020, the year the world almost stopped

The Advent Of Online Classes: How It Started, How it is Going.

One thing we do know is, if the world were to stop rotating on it’s axis, chaos would ensue. In 2020, the world didn’t stop rotating but it came very close to.

For a couple of months, everything was shut down on a global level, whether you admit it or not, the pandemic was a catalyst for some major crisis and catastrophes we experienced and are still experiencing in 2021.


As a biologist, I’ve been conditioned to look at the world from a certain angle. I considered the global pandemic and couldn’t help but compare the world to a living cell.

I knew from experience that if certain organelles stopped working within the cell, it would die. I also knew that in times of stress or extreme conditions, a cell would develop attributes that would help it overcome it’s current limitations, ensuring it’s survival. This is referred to as adaptation and like a cell, I watched the world adapt to the pandemic.

…course reps removing their lecturers from class groups during lectures just because they can, I saw a student get an instant carryover for swearing in a class group on WhatsApp.

In a period where physical contact was restricted, we adapted by going virtual to maintain communication. Businesses went virtual, we saw virtual stores, virtual supermarkets, virtual work environments, education also went virtual.


The world found a way to move forward, despite the pandemic and long periods of lockdown. But not everyone managed to move forward, as most of us know, the educational system in my country (Nigeria) suffered a major setback and took us for a cruise, literally.

ASUU constantly going on strike actions

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) embarked on an indefinite strike at the beginning of 2020, a few weeks before the pandemic hit the world on a global level.

As students, we expected we would move on with the rest of the world, but we sat back and watched the Union and the Federal Government butt heads, playing a game of cat and mouse with our education.

After 9 months, almost a year! The Union and the Government resolved their issues and tertiary institutions were reopened all around the country.


It took some universities a month to adopt an academic calendar, after so many revisions, and fix a date for resumption.

On the first day of resumption in my school, I saw an influx of students, many of them happy to be in school, tired of staring at the four walls of their parents’ home for so long.

They flocked into their classrooms, only to be told that due to the emergence of a new strain of the virus and the still rising cases of CoVID-19 in the country, the NCC and NCDC expressed concerns for students returning to school.


Considering the fact that most institutions were not equipped to take in students to learn, while still adhering to the laid down COVID-19 guidelines.

There was an emergency meeting where the academic stakeholders decided that all classes would go virtual with immediate effect.

After 11 months, our educational institutions decided to adopt virtual learning when the rest of the world was far ahead of us.

Whatsapp update of a very anxious student

During that first week, I watched students run around like headless chickens, utterly confused on what to do.

Students worriedly chatting on Whatsapp after an assignment was to be submitted via the comment section of Twitter

Some did not have smartphones, some were meeting virtual platforms for the first time, with no idea on how to navigate their features.

Complaint from a student finding it difficult to operate Telegram

Others didn’t have the internal storage space to download these applications on their phones on such short notice — students were expected to have at least three to five applications, depending on what caught the lecturer’s fancy, the stakeholders never decided on a particular platform to use.

A student laughs about those who were not on Twitter, after an assignment was shared on Twitter

What about the issue of data bundles, subscription and network availability? There was a rumour of the school opening a fast, free, internet channel for students.

This is week three and there is still no word concerning the matter. I watched students fight for charging stations because of battery life for online classes.


Some days, there was no power supply on or off-campus, double trouble. For the first time, some people discovered how to use their emails, because of assignments.

Students weren’t the only ones having issues adapting to the virtual world, it was worse off for some their lecturers.

I saw a whole class, consisting of two departments, come online for a class and spend two hours waiting for their lecturer to begin the class. He didn’t attend his, because his system was low, no power supply to charge his system.

Or the time a lecturer conducted a lecture through zoom, his microphone was on mute without him realising it. When his students called his attention, it took another half-hour for him to find the mic and turn it on.

Another time when a lecturer locked three quarter of his class out of his Google classroom. Remember, there are time limits on these invites to groups. If your data connection is slow and you’re a second late, you’re done for.

Most stories I’ve witnessed, others I’ve heard, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Course reps removing their lecturers from class groups just because they can.

A student replies to another on the Whatsapp platform which also contains the course lecturer

I’ve seen a student get an instant carryover for swearing in class group.

The Course lecturer grants the student a Carry-Over instantly

What about time for tests? A whole drama of its own, students learning how to use Google forms and other platforms to write tests, if you snooze, you lose.

Like I said, most students miss out because of slow internet connections.

I’ve seen a lot, I mean, if students came to school with only a notebook and pen before the pandemic, they’re coming to school with only phone and earpiece now.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot laugh alone, bringing about the birth of this mini series — The Chronicles Of Online Classes, coined from real experiences of students.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got any tips to surviving post CoVID-19, please do share in the comment section. If you also do have any tip for the students, don’t leave without commenting, they need your counsel.

Chelsea Brown is an undergraduate student of the University of Port Harcourt. An Evironmentalist, avid reader of mystery and psychological thrillers, as well as a professional content writer and fiction writer, with her debut novel featured on Webnovel.

A writer of short stories which have ranked top ten in various writing competitions.

The Chronicles Of Online Classes is Chelsea Brown’s first blog post, borne out of the challenges new and returning students in Nigeria face when confronted with the innovative learning technology in the era of CoVID-19.

You can contact Chelsea Brown on Twitter with your personal experience on the subject of online classes.


In my 2nd semester as a 100L student, I fell into wrong hands as a result of impatience. I was in so much haste to secure a better accommodation.

So while I was happy I had gotten a “conducive” environment, I didn’t know I had ended up with people who were going the opposite direction from me.

Wetin I no hear? (What did I not hear?) Hmm, my mouth no fit talk abeg (My mouth can’t speak of it all).


Both the ones who were begging for sexual satisfaction from their partners and the ones who were complaining they were tired. 😂🙆 Wait, I didn’t witness it personally.🙅 They were gisting about it.

It was my first time to be in such company and it felt like I wasn’t in school anymore, even though na exam I bin dey prepare for (Even though I was preparing for exams)🤦.

As God would have it, an issue came up and I had to return to the previous accommodation, and towards the end of the semester, I connected with some people and my life hasn’t been the same!


So here’s the point.

The reason most people are influenced by wrong association is because of this mindset: “Nobody can make me do what I don’t want to do” or “I can have any kind of friend but I must not have their lifestyle”.

Look, that is self deceit of the highest order. You can’t be in a particular environment, absorb a particular information over and over, and not be influenced by it.


Whether you like it or not, every word you open your heart to is a seed sown and it must germinate.

Review your plans for 2021 and cautiously hand pick your association if you know you want to actualize those plans.

“If the people around you don’t sow positive seeds into your life from time to time, then it’s time to shed your feathers” – Esther Onuoha.

Have a wonderful night.

Esther Onuoha, a guest writer on the blog, is a copywriter and creative content writer whose content is geared towards personal development for impact. Esther holds a B.A. in Linguistics and Communication Studies from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

You can reach her on Email: ngozikaonuoha663@gmail.com
Facebook, and Twitter & IG: esther_icreate


Solomon Buchi tweets

This “have you eaten” is a very bad question to ask. Please, stop it guys. It’s weak, here’s a few hints: “how are you feeling today? is everything alright? Do you need anything? Do you want anything? Are you happy?” Please, we are not hungry!

I didn’t even address the important question, I jumped to the food aspect😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️♥️

In this 21st century, a lot of people, end up with a particular partner because they find them physically, mentally, financially or emotionally attractive and shii.

Matter of fact, it’s mostly physical and financial attraction now and for that reason, they look past a lot of important stuff and before you know it, few weeks/months/years into the marriage, they get to realize they are no longer compatible and shii.

First of all, sis abi bro, y’all were never compatible but you failed to notice that because you were blinded by what you saw and got attracted to!

Khafi & Gedoni who recently got married

For example, we see people say they’ll rather cry in Bentley than cry in a tricycle (laughs). It’s actually nice.

But, if you look past the financial aspect, you’d get to realize that the idiot you are with, is an unfortunate bastard, who doesn’t care about how you’d react, if they did certain things but, because we are carried away by what they can provide us with, we tend to ignore the most important thing and that is the fact that they are SHITTY!


Don’t get me wrong, I like money, very very much. But, I’m not gonna be with you, because you’ve got the money with a shitty attitude!

I am with you because after my personal assessment and shii, I have come to a conclusion that I will be able to endure your flaws and not complain in future!

Complaining that your partner doesn’t care about you or that they cheat, is totally alright, if you didn’t know from the start that the creature you are with, is capable of being that way but chill, take a pill, there are signs, you just ignored them.


Marriage is a long term commitment, I’d like to say till death do us part but, there are instances where the death must not be from that union. (Laughs)

Trust me, with the right partner, a God fearing one at that, even after death, you’ll still wanna be with the person.😫😫😫♥️♥️♥️♥️ Be wise😏😏😏😉😉😉.

And now, you’re on social media, dragging the creature and saying MARRIAGE/LOVE na scam!


No, sibling, you are just unfortunate and rather than accept that you failed in making the right decision as to who to be with, you’ve decided to drag the entire human race down your line of failure!

Pray before settling with a particular person!! Pray brothers, pray sisters, just god damn pray and don’t be unfortunate!😒😒😒😒

If they possess attitudes you know you can’t endure for long, end it in a peaceful manner, someone else will accept their trash and trust me, you are not that someone!

Our guest writer, P. E. Edinyang Esq, is a chef, and a barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. You can reach out to her on Edinyangp@gmail.com


P. E. Edinyang (Esq)

So today, I am hosting a guest on the blog, a recent graduate of the Nigerian Law School, who had a terrific journey, from the tail end of her bachelor’s degree to the end of her sojourn in the dreaded Nigerian Law School.

My experience at the Nigerian law school, isn’t one that was totally as boring and frustrating as most people would describe theirs.

I got into the Nigerian law school Abuja, on the 2nd of May 2019, I was privileged to be in the April backlog set. Many can attest that this opportunity was a once in a blue moon kind of opportunity (I’m guessing the moon was blue then).

I graduated from the prestigious Igbinedion University Okada, with a CGPA of 3.49( 0.1 away from a second class upper). All efforts made to verify and correct that, proved abortive. I would cry for days, lamenting on how I wouldn’t be able to get a job in my dream firm because I was below standard and no one will be willing to hear I missed a 2.1 by 0.1 point.

I remember speaking to one of those, who could have easily recalculated my CGPA and guess what? I was told and I quote:- “YOU’RE VERY STUPID, YOU’RE A FOOL, if you want a 2.1, go and get it from law school.” If you know me well, you would know that I hate to be challenged and I hate my abilities and capacities, questioned.

Arriving the law school, I was scared, I mean, I’ve heard a lot of scary things about the place and for once, I had to belittle myself. I wanted to get an ordinary pass and so, I made enquiries about what the lowest grade point was and what it was going to take to get an ordinary pass. What would you expect after hearing people run mad, pass out and pregnant women run into quick labor, while in the Bar hall? I also heard of the ambulance waiting outside and I was panicking.

One week into law school( before lectures began), my motivation and anger came in, the day I was called a fool and told to get my 2.1 from the law school and I’m glad. it made me say to myself:- peace, you’re not just going there to get a 2.1, you’re going to get a first class and the first class will be attached with an award!

Exams kicked off with the regular MCQ which lasted for 1hour, I was quite impressed I could beat the time. On the day of the first theory paper, property law practice, I was like, “Ahhhh!!! How do people even fail?” I mean, I could answer everything and that excitement led to me not noticing that compulsory question 4 had a continuation in the next page. I had finished 30 minutes before time and I wasn’t calm enough to have noticed that.

I got to see it in the hostel and I almost went nuts. I don’t want to even remember Civil litigation exams. I crashed in the hall, forgot how to draft an ordinary statement of claim and this made me disorganized! I answered my questions but was uncertain as to what I was doing. I regained consciousness after I was done writing, I was spitting the answers and my friends had to calm me. I went back to the hostel, angry and frustrated, I knew my first class dream was crushed and so, I refused preparing for the last paper.

Results came out at about past 10pm on the 3rd of July 2020, I was really scared and asked my friend to help me check. She gave me a ring back and was telling me to praise God and to be glad that I didn’t just accept the challenge, I actually did it!

I didn’t get my dream grade but I got what I was challenged to get. At that point, my ego was restored as I had proved to my challengers that I was worth more than a CGPA of 3.49.

P. E Edinyang Esq, who is a chef, is also a barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. You can reach out to her on Edinyangp@gmail.com