So, here we have an Abiola Aduragbemi, a Nigerian, a social media enthusiast, growth hack and writer. Quite friendly with an amazing sense of humor. Some of his contents are up on IG and twitter @_officialaa and @_iamofficialaa. So in his words; “Slide in, should you choose to accept🌚”

Good morning,

Hey, I’m sure you’ve already come across a butt-load of “examination motivation”, most of which are very valid. Just remember this little word, start. Allow it ring in your head for a second. Irrespective of prior threats from lecturers of how tough the exam is going to be or how overwhelming the first sight of the questions might be.

You need to actually start the exam to pass. There’s always going to be one teeny piece of cake question, start with that. You’ll progress much easy. Most importantly, remember that “luck is when opportunity meets preparation”. Life, they say is an examination.

Do have a wonderful week ahead and of course feel free to share on timelines


A J.S.1 boy running

Well, you might say the picture quality is not so good. But then, I guess we’d have to manage. I went to my younger sister’s school and while there, I set my eyes on a young lad running down the stairs with shorts too big to be called shorts or knicker. I wish I can say all protocols duly observed. But, that would be rude; I can’t believe its almost a week since I drop the last post. Even LOVE IN A KALEIDOSCOPE I couldn’t update during the weekend! Sooooo, here goes my apology. But I pledge and hope not to fail to post everyday at least. Now, time for your awesome read!

I had no idea of the specific class this lad might have been of. But seeing him brought so many bittersweet childhood memories to me. He is a secondary school (high school) student that you might refer to as a newbie. But, not just that; he is also a good one. Pure in thoughts without room for truancy or insubordination. One would have no idea if he’s intelligent though.

Well, hope you don’t mind if I tell you that wasn’t the catch.

This is just a throwback; this lad reminded me so much of me; only me with a bigger head. The days of J.S.ONE. I’d be dropping moments of joy or laughter of J.S.1 or what you might now refer to as embarrassing moments. I was a boarding student throughout my days of secondary education; but that doesn’t mean you can’t share yours too!

When I was in J.S. one; I never wore underpants(boxers nor briefs). I felt the penis should be aerated.

When I was in J.S.One; I had 6 underpants as requested by the school; I washed them all (as mom had always taught to wash items before using) you can guess; they were all stolen; my cries then.

Oh! When I was in J.S.1; I wore pajamas for dinner and prep. I wasn’t alone on this though; I did it with a friend. The whole school was fixated on us; until a beautiful female explained to us. We were so shameless.

Oh! In J.S.1; a friend of mine had his bath at nights and rubbed cream on his body and won’t bathe the next day so as to meet breakfast. This continued as I tried to keep pace with him; till one day, I confronted and asked him if he had his bath and he nonchalant replied me that he had his bath the night before.

There was a time we were observing siesta and seniors came in and said if you’re sleeping raise your hands up……….remember how we foolishly raised our arms up.

I remember I fell in love with a girl cos she did adjust my collar often. It was really funny! The innocence of a J.S.1 student is one that is really adorable and funny.

Oh! A classmate poured rice in his pocket cos he had not finished his food and the dining period was over.

Oh! The days of J.S.1

You can also share funny experiences from your first days of secondary school. Don’t be selfish with such important fun moments. Slide into the comment box, so I can laugh too…..


Oh! We have a guest writer; if someone has visited before, I don’t know if you’d call him a guest. But then, here goes!

Nwakanma Emmanuel Emeka also known as Meka Wrights is a poet,writer, an avid reader,model and a love doctor. Though, a love doctor; he’s a concerned Nigerian and one who couldn’t turn his eyes on Xenophobia. Hear him!

Dear Xeno, it is me your brother.

It breaks my heart to see how you’ve rejected your own, I am sad; how else do you feel apartheid and oppressed, what are we competting for?

I have always loved you as a brother, the black skin we share, our origin. From where did this misplaced anger and prejudice come from?

How did you despise you beginning? Our heritage? Our race for phebos?

Xeno, you disgust me.
Our ancestors would be disappointed in this public show of stupidity you’re creating, you’ve made the African race a laughing stock amongst the white folks, you’ve rejected the black breast upon which you suckled.

What did they give you Xeno? Which wine did you take for it intoxicates you beyond reasoning.
How much did they give you to wage war against your fellow brother?
You now call your brother a foreigner, slaying our throats on the streets of Johannesburg.

Clearly you have amnesia; cause you have forgotten how the solidarity of black skin freed you from oppression of the whites.

How else do we join to fight the oppressor when you’re fighting me at home?

Oh xeno! I’m disappointed in you, you have failed me💔😓


Good morning, my fine fine readers (well, handsome and beautiful are sometimes referred to as ‘fine-fine’) I have a post here from a guest writer; and believe me, when I say its a really wonderful one to start you up with laughter. Why don’t you engage yourself? Oooooh! Stop rushing to read through; I have to introduce our guest writer (grins).

Our guest writer is Prince Samuel; a writer and a graduate of Computer Science. 30 years old from South South geo-political zone of Nigeria. He is a lover of reading, computing and adventure. And he is a man who really believes in the slogan: Knowledge is Wealth 💪. And here goes it…….(smiling)

A Professor started his class on a very serious topic. The moment he turned towards the blackboard, one of the students whistled. He turned, looked at the class and asked the Whistler’s name. No one answered.The Professor peacefully kept the Pen in his pocket saying: “Lecture ends here. I’ll tell you a story to utilize the remaining time”. Everyone became interested.

“Yesterday night I tried hard to sleep, but it was miles away from my eyes, so I thought I’d better get petrol in my car, which will save my time next morning and might induce sleep. After having my tank full, I started roaming in that area, enjoying the peace of a traffic free ride.

Suddenly, on the corner I saw a girl who was as young and beautiful as the clothes she was wearing. Must have been returning from a party.

Out of courtesy, I turned my car towards her and asked if I may be of any help. She asked me if I could drop her to her home, she’ll be very obliged, to which I agreed. She sat in the front seat with me. We started talking, and to my amazement she was very intelligent, had control on many topics which many youngsters don’t.

When we reached her address, she admitted my courteous nature and behavior and accepted that she had fallen in love with me. I also admitted her intelligence and beauty and that I’ve also started liking her. I told her about my job as a professor in the university. The girl asked my number, which I gave her willingly. Then she asked me a favor, to which I couldn’t have denied naturally.

She said that her brother is a student in the same university, and asked me to take care of him, since we’ll be in a long relationship now. I asked the name of the student. She said that I’ll recognize him with one of his very prominent quality, He whistles a lot!

All eyes in the classroom turned towards the boy who had whistled.

The professor said: “I didn’t buy my Ph.D in Psychology…I earned it.” Oya! Come out you stupid fool” 🙆‍♂😂😂


Good day readers; It is I, Paul Kay (winks) with a nice post to enjoy the Sunday evening. This is an interview session on the blog; and it borders on love through the eyes of THE SINGLE, THE ONE IN LOVE & THE BROKEN HEARTED. In order to erase any form of bias; we do have personalities from both genders that will be interviewed. I am sure I am not the only one that wants to get it over with the introductions; but patience my dear, patience.


THE SINGLE LADY: So for the first single person; we do have a lady by the name, Eseosa! Tell us about you Eseosa.

HER RESPONSE: I am Eseosa Naomi Omoruyi.
Single to stupor, although currently uninterested in dating.
I believe all of us are scum, only, some more than others.

THE LADY IN LOVE: For our lady caught in the bliss of love. We have a Stephanie. Ms Steph, if I am right; could you yap a bit about yourself?

HER RESPONSE: I am Stephanie Frank but don’t call me Steph, it’s too common. You can call me Phanii (with an accent) or by my pseudonym Phaneeyah. I am an ambivert, a lover of life, a poetess, a lover of the good things of life. I love to smell good. I am fashion enthusiast who can’t exactly afford it yet😂. I’m a go with the flow kinda person and I absolutely hate routine, my class attendance is always shit. I tend to switch up often and it gets people confused and a lot of people are irritated by it, I swear I’m trying my best to work on it.

THE HEARTBROKEN LADY: Madam, you know I appreciate your presence here for I know its not really easy for one to spill these beans the way they are. Tell me a bit about you.

HER RESPONSE: My name is Ejimofor Hannah Chiamaka also known as Adora, is a writer, a poet, a reader and an environmentalist. You can call me Adora!

Now, for the guys……………….

THE SINGLE GUY: As much as guys love to show that they’re not interested in love, they really are. Our first guy, who is also the single guy, Caleb; wants to talk about himself.

HIS RESPONSE: I’m Caleb Richard a.k.a Preacherman Khayleb. I’m a Poet, Spoken Word Artiste, Chef and an Ideator.

THE GUY IN LOVE: For the guy in love; we have an artiste. One currently caught in the bliss of love. Let’s hear you yap about yourself.

HIS RESPONSE: I’m Isaac; from Okrika, Rivers State of Nigeria. A graduate of animal and environmental biology. I’m also a pencil artiste, I’m naturally a straight forward person. 🤨

THE BROKENHEARTED GUY: This was one of the most difficult interviewee to get; and when I finally did, he pleaded anonymity. So, for the sake of this session; he’d be referred to as Mr. X!

Thank you all for the introductions! Now for the interview; It would be on the same order as the introduction. I will commence from the single lady down to Mr X.

LOVE: For me, I’d say love is finding that one person whose mere presence brings you ultimate happiness.


I: Good evening, Eseosa…..deducing from your profile as the single female in the house; I think I can call you a Ms. What’s your take on love?

ESEOSA: Love exists. Love doesn’t hurt, love isn’t stupid either.

I: Eseosa, I must admit you’re cracking me up…..especially judging from the response of those in love who believe that love makes one stupid. Are you saying that ‘Love isn’t really blind?’

ESEOSA: When I said, “love isn’t stupid”, I meant, ‘love wouldn’t make you do what you shouldn’t, love would protect you’, you’d know when you’re going overboard and ‘being blind’ as it were. I don’t believe it’s love when you’re fawning and slaving stupidly over one kind somebody. There’s love, there’s stupidity.

I: so tell me, Eseosa. For someone who’s single you seem to know about love; have you ever been in love?

ESEOSA: Yes, I have. I think.

I: you just said “you think”. what happened?

ESEOSA: My perspective changed, sort of. Extreme rationality makes me question my feelings these days.

I: Wow! You sound like you intend being single for a really long while (just thinking) do you?

ESEOSA: It’s what I like to think😂.

I: (laughs) I am sure a lot of people might want to have same mindset as you, cos of heart aches. Eseosa, Do you think love is for everyone?

ESEOSA: If you’re ready, then it’d work. If not, not so much.

I: Wow! Are you saying anyone can get love if they want?

ESEOSA: If they’re ready

I: Could you be saying that you’re not ready to love?

ESEOSA: I don’t think I am, logically, being rational.

I: Oh! Which means you also feel that love defies logic. Since you’re being logical.

ESEOSA: I mean my readiness. Am I ready to suffer ‘lack of attention’? The overthinking? The having to support someone when I need support, myself?

I: which means you also feel that love defies logic…….

ESEOSA: Not exactly, sometimes enter fuck it mode and just put head inside😂. Okay, I guess maybe it does

I: (laughs) she finally admits. Tell me Eseosa, do you really think love is for everyone? do you think everyone will eventually end up in love.

ESEOSA: Not everyone

I: Wow, so you believe some persons will eventually end up sad. Do you really think money has an influence on love?

ESEOSA: Sad? You must have love to be happy?

I: Oh! You have an awesome point! I am humbled, Eseosa. But then, do you think money has an influence on love?

ESEOSA: 😂Ahhh. This one

I: There’s no escaping you know (chuckles)

ESEOSA: I think it does? In a way. Somehow money stops nonsense, sooo

I: Would money influence your decision on love when the time comes?

ESEOSA: No, it wouldn’t. But thennn, if I were a guy, and I had to spend excessively on a babe I loved, I’d leave her oh. There’s love and there’s stupidity, like I said earlier on.

I: Ahhhhhh! (laughs) I am loving this o. I bet not much people can differentiate between the two. Would you like a boy that doesn’t spend much on you?

ESEOSA: 😂much? I have parents now.

I: (laughs) true too! This was awesome, Eseosa! Thank you for your time! Thank you much! Thank you much, much.

ESEOSA: You’re welcome;

I: Guys you can check her up on instagram and twitter on @sosothinks


I: Good evening Phaneeyah, as you like to bear; you are reportedly a lady in the bliss of love. What is your take on love?

PHANEEYAH: I think love is a beautiful anomaly. I call it an anomaly because it causes drastic deviations from the normal. It changes people and perspectives. It makes your nervous system to, permit me to say, malfunction. You find yourself doing things you usually wouldn’t do, saying things shocking to even you. Love turns a shy autistic person into an eloquent poet and turns an eloquent spokesman to a shy 5 year old. It’s a beautiful irony.

I: Wow! It really is an irony. So Phaneeyah, you sound so in love…..I’m guessing he might not have been the only guy contesting for your heart, What won you over?

PHANEEYAH: I’m not going to lie, as at the time I fell for him, he actually was the only one. Ours is a long, complicated love story. It makes me laugh when I think about it and we’re nowhere near our happy ending. Along the line, there have been temptations on both sides; there still are, but we always found a way back to each other. Well, he did most of the path paving, I just scrutinized and followed. Long story short, as terrible a decision maker as I am, one thing I’ve decided wholeheartedly is that I am truly, madly, deeply in love with this person.

I: I am sure if he is reading this, he’d be highly elated! Phaneeyah! Do you think your love story might have an end, do you think love stories are supposed to end?

PHANEEYAH: All stories have endings, we only pray ours will be happy. If I’m being honest, that’s my fear – a tragic ending. The thought of it alone is frightening. I hope not. I pray our love story ends with beautiful grandchildren around our deathbed where we’d be in each other’s arms. I’m that hopeless a romantic.

I: As a lady in the throes of love, do you think love is for everyone? Do you really think everyone would eventually find love?

PHANEEYAH: I don’t know how to answer this question. I wish everyone would find love, it’s beautiful when true. Unfortunately, not everyone will. It’s just the way it is. People who don’t understand this keep chasing after their idea of love and keep falling into the wrong hands because their chasing the wrong thing. So we’ve got broken people everywhere and contagious toxicity emerging from their brokenness.

I: Wow! just wow! This should actually be a plural wow! I know I’ve been on Wows all through this interview. But this wow is ‘wower’ (laughs). As much as I’d love to indulge you on this further. I’d leave it to another session. Tell me, Phaneeyah! Do you think money has an influence on love?

PHANEEYAH: Money has an influence on everything (laughs).

I: (laughing here) what tribe are you from, Phaneeyah. As much as I hate to indulge in tribal prejudice; I sometimes believe its credibility. So what tribe are you from?


I: Oh! perfect! (laughs) the Igbos are renowned for their love of money! As a lover, did money influence your decision?

PHANEEYAH: If money had influenced my decision then I wouldn’t be with this person 🙂

I: (chuckles lightly) I wouldn’t know your person. But I see you avoiding a direct reply cleverly. Brilliant 👏! Its really been an awesome time with you on this blog session. What is your advice for those who are single and also those heartbroken

PHANEEYAH: I’m horrible at giving advice because I don’t take it😂 all I can say is, cry if you need to, but don’t wallow in that pool of depression. Live and let live.

I: Thank you so much, Phaneeyah! It was awesome having you over! Do well to stop by some other time. Have a nice love life! You can look up on all social media platforms on @phaneeyahwrites


I: Good evening Adora, as one who’s into literature….deducing from your profile. It is believed you must have known a lot about love. Since, we hear that readers are travelers. What is your take on love?

ADORA: Love is a feeling.. More a force of attraction, it doesn’t happen suddenly… No it doesn’t… Love is too deep to sprout out on a first sight.

I: Wow! Just Wow! So, as someone who is heartbroken, what is love?

ADORA: Love is a phase… A phase we all might come across

I: I won’t take you on that; not yet. How many times have you been heartbroken, Adora?


I: I would not know how sad it is, I am sorry about that and I really appreciate you turning out for this interview session. Now, Adora… must have been in love to be heartbroken and I feel at the time you chose him, he was not the only one coming. With all honesty; what won you over, then?

ADORA: We were more than friends.. Like it was like a heavenly stuff… Sha.. He was real.

I: (blushing) I can feel the love in this statement. I feel like I am reviving hidden feelings. Do you still have any pent up feelings for him? Honeeeeessssttttty pleeeeaaassseeee😬😬😬

ADORA: Yea, maybe cos my heart skips a beat anytime I see him

I: Does heartbroken mean it was not you that instigated the break up?

ADORA: I actually did

I: Wow! That must have been huge for someone you cared about (or care) that much. Was it easy for you?

ADORA: It wasn’t so easy… U know after having a perfect picture destroyed… I was looking for him in every guy I met..

I: Wow! Guys must have suffered during that period! As much as I’d love to indulge on this further, I should appreciate your honesty so far and leave it for another time. Adora; do you think love is for everyone? do you think everyone would eventually find love?

ADORA: Yes I do.

I: Wow! Contrary to what Phaneeyah the lady in love said; So you believe, there’s a partner for everyone out there?

ADORA: Yea there is.

I: This means you would definitely love again or might have fallen in love already. I won’t also indulge. Do you think money has an influence on love?I:

ADORA: No money doesn’t

I: Wow! you said that (or you typed that) with all conviction! (chuckles) Would you ever love again, Adora?

ADORA: I’m in Love already

I: That’s great! That’s really great! Adora, did money influence your decision?

ADORA: Never

I: Amazing! What’s your advice for those yet to find love?

ADORA: You don’t fall in love… You grow in love.. It’s a gradual process.. Find the right person n groom ur relationship…

I: What about the heartbroken? any word for them too?

ADORA: It didn’t work because it was not meant to last forever.. So sail on..

I: Thanks for the ride! Adora; glad to have you here!

ADORA: Thanks.. It is my pleasure

I: Folks, you can look her up on all social media platforms ‘Hannah Chiamaka’.

Its really been a wonderful time having you guys over………………Lemme take a little nap before that of the guys. I know most people really want to hear the voice of the guys.

Anticipate the next blog post (winks), and of course if you do have any suggestions in line or contrary to that of the interviewees; do well to drop them in the comment session. You could be picked for our next interview session, if you do oblige of course (winks)!


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Well, It is sad I haven’t been able to post for a while; I was told my laptop was hit by a Trojan. Soooo, Good morning everyone; from my end its a very lovely sunny Thursday morning, and I am spreading to you all 😁😁.

So, I was almost caught in the cross hairs of two guys contesting for a girl (chuckles). How would I had known that the contest would migrate to a physical contest. Before I proceed, I’d like to do this ‘prefix’. As a lady, always make sure your ‘guys’ know their zone, lest they become troubled. So, there was this girl, a beautiful voluptuous one. I had known her for a while before these two ‘uncles’ came to know about her. Worse still, she moved into the same compound that they both lived in. So, you can imagine the circus! Well, I don’t know who made that law but there’s a certain theorem that states all act of mushiness must not exist within neighbours. (chuckles). There could be some hanky-panky but falling in love is not an ideal counsel.

On a previous visit, I had discovered that as much as these two guys denied their deep affection for the voluptuous lady; they actually did care. It was funny and crazy! The ‘lady’ could see through them both like a glass of water. Why wouldn’t she pick one and let the other know his ‘zone’. Well, she might have enjoyed the cold war brewing between these two guys. I happened to ask her what she had with them to which she had replied nothing. This I did take note of.

On a second visit, everything seemed normal until I saw this ‘lady’ in the arms of one of these guys. Wow! On a very cold weather, with her voluptuous self all cuddled up in his arms. Worse still he couldn’t hold all of her. Yeah! She’s that voluptuous. Permit me to use the word ‘voluptuous’ endlessly. The sound of the word just creates this tinge in me. Sooooooo, I told myself; since she has not been personalized by any of the above ‘men’, I guess I could also join in the party. We all dilly-dallied on the wide mattress; I then discovered the voluptuous lady sporting a bum-shot doing little or no job to cover her luscious thighs was really enjoying the ‘rough’ play, we were all playing (Meanwhile, this was a cold weather).

All this was a joke to me. Until the other guy who walked in and saw the play and decided to watch from afar; then chose to leave the room. Perhaps, after seeing to his heart’s content. ‘The voluptuous lady’ on sighting the other guy leaving had to leave me and this guy she has been with. Wow! I thought to myself; Well…….I am not part of this cold war and I am not getting stuck in it. So I joined ‘the voluptuous lady’ to the second guy’s room. I also joined them on the bed with ‘the voluptuous lady’ making the middle. ‘The voluptuous lady’ perhaps having received instructions from this second guy, stood up to leave to her room. (Your guess is as good as mine). I followed them to her room; with her also making the middle. I was actually bothered at first. What would have made her allow us three in here. Well, What is good for the geese? is also good for the…………………………….gander!

With the voluptuous lady sandwiched between two guys with roaming palms all over her, with adequate attention to avoid hands of the same gender bumping into each other; she knew she was in for a night. This second guy, all of a sudden had this rush of greed! He wanted ‘the voluptuous lady’ for himself alone (laughs). So sensing her weak emotional strength. He feigned a mood swing, as to emit pity from her. What do I care? This second guy, still wasn’t comfortable. He had to come to the middle and take her to his corner. Maybe, he felt this is where I should have lost it and left. But Alas! Paul Kay was to be a stubborn one that night. He brought out her cell, put a movie for them both to watch; thinking I’d sulk while they revel in their couple’s bliss! (Laughing reaaallllly hard). I even asked of the movie genre; he knew I was also watching. He couldn’t bear it. He put off the phone and started threatening.

Oh! this was a period that I have not visited the gym house in over a month and he had just visited on that day—morning and evening. So, his system was pumped for a fight. I avoided the fight for I knew I couldn’t take him on.

But I was startled, bewildered, bamboozled to think that someone would want to fight for a lady who is not his wife.

Now, People……….Is it right to fight for her? your replies please, for many couples (boyfriends & girlfriends inclusive). Let’s wait by the sidelines!


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Today is another day and dear diary, I am here to meet you once again; only this time its 9:46pm. Today, a Saturday was quite fun for a Chelsea football club fan like me (chuckles). A day two of our youngsters scored and for Manchester United, a rival football club who had won us 4-0 on the first match day; they lost at the death. Oh! David Luiz, a former Chelsea player whom I delighted in watching; I loved him, but he left us for a rival football club at a time when we were serving a transfer ban—a time of peril for us and he ran away. I did love him but surely it had to wane a bit; for he is now the football player of a rival club. All this had thrown me into a cocktail of emotions whose contents were happiness, bliss, euphoria. I was glowing. But, amidst all these; I live in a house where I am the only son. An African house not just any other house and more so, a firstborn child. I grew with pressure, pressure of being an ‘example for the young’, ‘a role model’. I had to live with thin margins for my younger ones had to see a very good example.

Now, my sister is 17; and I watch her battle it out with my parents and wish I was a girl, maybe I would have been a role model. I don’t know what to say; lest she takes up my amateur words. I am an ambivert, but she’s a total extrovert who’s learning how to be an introvert because her parents won’t tolerate an extroverted daughter at such young age. More heavier was the weight on her because she was also an Ada in an Igbo family. She had a younger sister who would definitely look up to her. Our parents aren’t so old but haven’t left some of the old fashioned ideologies. Maybe, they are right or maybe they are not. How would I know? I have never been a parent before.

I watch my sister come into the sitting room to meet my mom and ask her why she had made a cynical comment in her dialect earlier in the day, when she had met her with a male friend. I reduced the volume of the movie I was watching; so they would think I was not listening with the earpiece still plugged in my ears. My mom, apparently wasn’t so social when young. I guess she was weaned in the idea of ‘if a male touches you, you would get pregnant’. My dad who always tell me he was a virgin till about 21 years of age. My mom was telling her about the dangers of friends. I could deduce that my mom doesn’t want her having friends (or rather male friends). I could deduce that my parents are really scared of their daughter having an unwanted pregnancy. They are scared, I trust her; I let her go out……when out with her; I give her, her social space. I can’t tell what she is going through. I don’t know what it feels like. I don’t even know if I should advocate for less stringent measures on her. A pregnant daughter of 17 would break my mom’s heart.

When I was about 17 years of age, I was protected; but not as much as females my age then. But then, most of them still got pregnant. These measures by parents often make their kids go wild once admitted into the university. Many times I wish I had an older sister who could give her counsel, wise one. She’s a free-living given to a conservative mom who has no idea on how to handle this eccentric.

I don’t know how to handle this, I might not know the perfect way to handle this. There are so many females out there who feel hated by their parents, guardians, who are facing similar situations like this without a clue on how to go about it. So if you had read up to this point. Don’t leave without dropping a comment and sharing. A comment, a young teen could seek solace in.

Good evening readers!


My first blog post, dropped on this day by this time of the day. Wow! by 4:19am, when I am supposed to be sleeping but have somehow managed to stay awake through out the night. Thoughts of the day ahead makes me wish I had slept earlier. Oops! Wishes, I guess were never meant to be horses. With eyes full, I strive to ensure my first blog post is one that is completed. It is really going to be a ride if the very first one goes like this.

I had always wanted a blog but didn’t want to bear the name blogger. (Chuckles). At some point, I felt all my friends are bloggers so I should look for another platform; but now, I think I am up for it. This could be my diary that I am letting you take a peek into. It could also be my little humble abode where I come with my thoughts to reside. It could also be my outlet. Buuuuuuuuuttttttt! I am letting you take not just a peek but a full read.

So, what else should I say? You probably want to hear all the stereotyped kind of introductions. (Palm on face) I am a semi-lazy writer; if there’s any word as that. Well then, My name is Kalu, Paul Chikaike; a citizen of Nigeria with an alias Paul Kay. One of the new generation of African writers, a mentee or protege of Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Adichie. I am also a performing poet who uses the stage as a page for poetry; a non fiction writer and novelist, one who draws inspiration from real life situations, author of THE VISIT (you could look it up on

More so, do not expect the stereotypes. I would be dropping the notes as it is hitting on the head. At this juncture, I think I can stop and grab a bit of sleep. I can feel the army of migraines waiting for me.

Thanking you for dropping by, drop your comments by the comment box.