PAUL KAY’S BLOG is a lifestyle blog that centres on the everyday life of individuals. The blog features real-life stories, interviews, happenings and sometimes, events in and around the city of Port Harcourt.

It is a haven for anyone who’d need somewhere to wind down.


Everyone has a story, but only a few can boast of an eventful story. Paul Chikaike Kalu popularly known as Paul Kay started writing at the age of eight. As far back as Primary school, he had started writing. He made an attempt to publish his first book at nine years of age, titled The freedom fighter and other stories.

Navigating through secondary education, Paul Kay wouldn’t take the writing serious, only writing poems and short stories here and there. None of his works would even feature in the magazine of Federal Government College, Port Harcourt — his alma mater.

This Port Harcourt native worked his way through the University of Port Harcourt writing short stories, articles on Facebook, poems for situations and mostly birthday celebrations.

Once he graduated, he maintained his focus as well as his hunger for learning, which has paid off in monumental personal and professional opportunities.

Paul Kay’s favorite mantra, “You either make excuses or money, you can’t make both,” epitomizes his modern-day zero-to-hero story, which has inspired and motivated others to live out their dreams.

He has authored a fictional book – THE VISIT is in print and on E-book format, currently in two forms: Amazon and Okadabooks.

With the knowledge of about 31 digital skills, he decided he needed to know some. From content writing for websites, business proposals, to content creator for a few firms on social media to copy writing, to mini importation, and then Affiliate marketing.

Paul Kay has what it takes to encourage others, inspire dreams and instill hope, having been one who could not earn and now earns in 6-7 figures from the Internet.

He offers expert personal and financial advice as a life coach, professional speaker and author. He helps small businesses nurture leadership from within, learn sales and marketing, as well as, recognize and leverage opportunities in digital skills for young people.