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The good thing about having talent is that it could be your plan A or B, a talent is one thing that comes easily to you, that doesn’t require you to stress yourself, and something you definitely enjoy doing.

Hence the question can your talent feed you? 

Good living requires money to fund your lifestyle, and come on, no one wants to be a popular musician and be broke or the best designer that can’t even afford his or her services, but then what if your talent can’t feed you?

Everyone with talent is creative because not just anyone could create something beautiful or worthwhile, from what you as a creative could do, and then on one other side, most times, creatives are not really appreciated that much.

So, if your talent cannot feed you right now, the next question you ask yourself is what do I do while waiting for my talent to start feeding me?

Before sharing some ideas on what and what we could do, I want to make something clear, the best part of being fed from your talent is that you don’t have to stress yourself and you get to enjoy yourself while being paid, so during the time you have to wait to get the double win here are some things you could do:

You could get a 9-5 that is if it works for you, everyone hates a 9-5 like who wants someone breathing down their necks and making things difficult for them, no one. Yet, you still need to eat while waiting until your talent can provide food. So yes, you could get a 9-5.

Get digital skills that could pay you, this could range from getting courses online to learning new things that could pay you by working remotely.

The thing about these internet jobs is that your phone or laptop could be your office, you do not need to be dressed up and all that, you would also be relaxed and have time to do other things while working, comfortable huh?

Sharpen your talent, what I mean by that is, you need to brush yourself up. Read about what you do, how to make yourself better, how to sell yourself and when to draw the limits.

You know all these people that love discounts every time or those ones always looking for free things, there is nothing free even in free town, so you have to learn how to say no and when to say no, so while waiting till you could be fed from your talent, make yourself the best in it.

Another very important point, after which I’ll probably wrap up is to get financial intelligence, educate yourself properly on how to manage your finances.

If you can’t manage your finances properly now, you will probably still squander millions when you get there, so get financial intelligence while waiting for your talent to feed you, learn about legitimate investment opportunities, it would cost money, but it would definitely be worth it.

Everyone wants to be fed from their talents, but you have to be ready to go the extra mile to get to that level.

You can’t just sit by, waiting for your stars to shine and be luckily discovered, life doesn’t really work that way, so while waiting, work on your talent and one day, you’ll definitely see it giving you paychecks larger than what you ever thought plausible.

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