This is the season of love and while some are merrying and exchanging gifts so many others are being served what we know as breakfast. The whole Valentine’s day jamboree is making everywhere and everyone in a relationship tensed, today we know the side chicks and side hens….lol…..

    A third party could be referred to as someone, other than the main people involved in a transaction. A lot of tears would be shed when alot of persons find out that they are the third parties in their relationships, with all these beat friends, and what not going on, some people that think they are they are only person their better half is seeing is in for a shock.

    So, if your heart has been broken, I’m so sorry about that, and if it hasn’t been broken good for you then; I’ll be dropping some hints on how to know you are the third party in a relationship, if you’ve been here before you still need to read through to prevent a reoccurrence.

   Firstly the “busy” excuse, everyone is busy, true but the one that really cares would make out time for you, so the moment that busy excuse becomes an everyday occurrence, you might just be the third party in your relationship.

    Secondly the “I hate commitments geng” please pack your things and run, who know what number you’ll belong to? I don’t want to say fourth or fifth party but I can’t help it, don’t mind these group of persons oooo , if they really love you and there is no one else they would make effort towards dealing with their commitment issues, but you see those ones that are just sitting down one place saying I have commitments issues, no effort whatsoever, na them, run!

 Thirdly the “I don’t like going out group” there are people that honestly prefer staying indoors, but then there is this level of staying indoors when it comes to you, even to walk down to the supermarket in front of their gate, they wouldn’t want to, because they do not want people to see you with them, you are a third party, definitely third party, please leave.

 The issue with being third party is that sometimes we don’t just want to acknowledge the fact that we could be third parties, well, I’ve given you signs to look out for, so if you feel like you are a third party try comot body, you deserve better dear. As we all enjoy this season I wish us the best love could give. Don’t forget to share your stories on third parties in the comment box.

This piece was written by Sekibo Ibinabo.

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