Happy new 2022
Happy new 2022

It’s a new year, the year 2022, and I am sure you are here again with the new year thingy- the motivations, the goals, the plans, the prophecies too (if you’re religious).

First off, I am wishing you and yours a happy new year. I know it’s been a really long while, but I think it’s about time we started off on the right path.

So, I’m sharing 10 steps for you to have an amazing 2022.

1. Make suffer tire you

Do not romanticize suffering. There is nothing poetic and sweet about a love that breaks your spirit!

2. Abeg getat:

Know when to leave. Some bridges need to be burned. Use the light to find a better tomorrow!

3. Try deh forgive:

Practice forgiveness! Start with yourself. Nobody ever actually forgets, remember the lesson.

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4. Learn to shake your head:

Say No. Not everytime you will accept. Do not bargain for anyone’s love.

5. Friendships end:

Friendships end, Let go, Stay open.

6. No deh ‘hard man, hard man’ too much:

Save your emotional strength for the ones that will stay. Stay soft. Be a safe place for the people you love.

7. Any time?

Create time for yourself. Create time for yourself to do something that will outlive you.

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Photo by Dinielle De Veyra on Pexels.com

8. Be you!

Do things that move your spirit. Laugh, Cry. Pray.

9. Love yourself

Love yourself as urgently and completely as you want to be loved.

10. Omoooo

Becoming is hard work. Staying the same us harder!

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