Poetry, a genre of literature as old as time itself. Its beauty known by many but only a few are permitted to drink from its decorated cup. The meek genre of art which has moved from just page poetry to spoken word poetry is one that can never get phased out. I have played this over ten times, and at some point I even stopped to listen. Poetry truly is a religion.

Honour D’poet, a young poetess from the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria; serenades your soul with a soul searching spoken word poem titled Blackout. She touches every single sphere of the society, from humanity, to feminism, to masculinity, about the world we find ourselves in. It is a piece that you need not listen in a hurry; but as poetry is meant to be consumed, you would need a serene and quiet environment.

The single track which was released on 17th May, amidst the pandemic, bears the cries of not just a Nigerian, but cries of people all over the world irrespective of where you may find yourselves. Listening to this, one would think Honour D’poet is a goddess.

You too can listen to Blackout by Honour D’poet on Soundcloud.

Just in case, you got too intrigued as I did, and thought to save, you can too.


Download on Audio Mack

If you do enjoyed BLACKOUT. You can keep in touch with HONOUR D’POET on Instagram and on Facebook.

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