It’s no news that our own Burna has leveled up his ground as the African Giant as he is. On this review, I’ll give a review of the album so far.

  • LEVEL UP: Burna boy reflects back to the Grammys where his album African giant was nominated as Best world album but he didn’t win. He infused a little bit of reggae and the UK grime in it. With the intro, he tells us what he will be doing and why he is back. The more reason why he is here, back and pushing. He reflects back to his Dark days and how he managed to overcome that phase of his career. Practically one could say, BURNA has leveled up. You could hear Diddy dropping some motivational quotes in the background.
  • ALARM CLOCK: With an intro that sounds like Anybody, Burna pushes more his eccentric Afro fusion sound. Alarm clock reflects on the daily struggle of the African man to find his daily bread, like when you wake up in the morning to hustle. Burna always pushes the need for Africans to wake up and fight for their rights. Voiceover from Diddy.
  • WAY TOO BIG: We all know how proud Burna is, the way too big is a song that serves as a constant reminder that whatever he says, is what he actually is. When most people say he is on drugs, he actually knows what he says. The LeriQ and JaE5 produced jam has a lil bit of UK vibe, EDM mixed with Fusion and credits from Mike Dean.
  • BEBE: Burna brings the street vibe again on the rexxie produced track. Almost similar beats with his Zlatan collaborated jam, GBEKU. The Bebe is jam that brings about the politicians and how they share their palliatives in the elections to deceive people. It still adds the enjoyment in it and the shake body. Good bop if one must commend.
  • WONDERFUL: No matter where you go, remember the road that leads you home. Burna shares some amazing stories in the wonderful song. The beautiful culture of AFRICA. I literally feel the video of the song should have brought out to the beautiful world part of Africa to be honest.
  • ONYEKA: With the thoughts of our beautiful legend, ONYEKA — the beautiful actress and singer. Burna sings about an imaginary lady which he is in love in with and still trying to get, by wooing with his sweet lines. Perfect nature of a typical African man which would convince a lady with all the sweet lines he can think of. 😋🥰
  • NAUGHTY BY NATURE: Burna teams up with nature on Naughty by nature to talk about himself and how consistent he is. He talks about his hatred for politics and how he prefers to work. Nature comes in with his style and tries to influence his own sound. For me I’ll say this is one of the okay songs. I’m sure Burna surely knows who he is.
  • COMMA: Another Rexxie produced, brings in the street side of burna and a little bit of Afro here too. He talks about how things are becoming expensive in the country and more but then again in the midst of these, Nigerians will still have a way to turn up. 😂 For every growth, there are still comma, everyone has a flaw somehow.
  • NO FIT VEX: The LeriQ produced jam has Burna singing smoothly on the need to constantly remind ourselves that everyone is just pushing and working to get their own money. He reminds us that we’re all on our own. This is a song for people who feel their friends are keeping distances and all. (Smiles) A song that once can pay during a day’s work.
  • 23: This is somehow my favorite part on the album (smiles). Burna tells us how much the music he does makes him feel. It’s one of those Burna songs that you can just play and chill when you’re having a bad day. With a smooth playing beat, he talks about hypocrisy, jealousy and hatred. From his voice, you can tell how much he is eager for growth and success while putting the WOROSIRO at the same time. WOROSIWORO is a word coined from WORO which means little place.
  • TIME FLIES: Featuring the East African brand, SAUTI SOL. He mixes Afrobeats and Swahili together in this song. They talk about living everyday like it’s your last. The sweet melody vibes from Sauti Sol makes the song worth it. There’s like a think voice at the ending that talks about the transportation sector and the struggle in a normal Nigerian bus life. At the end, you can hear the NAMIX talking at the end.
  • MONSTERS YOU MADE: This is one of the deepest song you’ll hear from Burna. He talks about how whites have been deceiving AFRICA for some years. The slave history and the racism over there, the lies and the deceits. The politicians, the Niger delta and the youths. The politicians who come take to oil from the Southern Nigeria without providing them with basic amenities at least. Chris martins from Coldplay and Burna Boy sings with anger in their heart. At the end, the statement by the lady which says Africans haven’t benefited anything from the whites should be a major call to all AFRICANS! River Niger was already before Mungo Park.
  • WETIN DEY SUP: Well, coming from a city like Port Harcourt you can tell how much of a influence the city actually inspired this song. The violence and siren. Burna talks about the daily happening and the things that are considered as the normal life. Burna hints on being HOMOPHOBIC even after collaborating with a member of the community, SAM SMITH. In the middle of the song, you can hear gunshots which signifies the criminals and siren from the police. The criminals and the Police hunting. You can also hear Diddy saying a couple of thing which he has been doing since the beginning of the album. He talks about being fearless once again. For me. it’s a good bop.
  • REAL LIFE: Burna brings in the Jamaican vibe and the UK grime alongside his brother, STORMZY. Well, if there’s something I’ve noticed again, is that Burna brings about his HOMOPHOBIA on this track again, ‘If they wan f*ck you for yAnsh, make you no lie down. Don’t know, don’t know. Let’s keep seeing the growth. He also talked about the fake lives people live on social media and for them to start actually living the real life. The need for people to always be themselves.
  • BANK ON IT: With a peaceful intro and a couple of self declaration and how he lacks trust. The JAE5 produced track, shows the Afro fusion part of Burna which we all know. He declares himself again as someone who stands on whatever thing he says, about him not giving a fuck. As an African Giant, Burna has really given us tracks to solidly legendary status. The BANK ON IT track to end the album solidifies the statement Burna has made for himself. He’s not only the African giant again, he’s now as TWICE AS TALL as the giant.

SUMMARY: One thing with Burna is that, with him you can’t tell which album that is good or not because he’s that good. Some people will say, the OUTSIDE album is better than the AFRICAN GIANT and now, some people will still say the AFRICAN GIANT is better than this. But that’s one thing with Burna, you can’t really tell which project that is better than the other. With Burna’s recent projects, he has now found his purpose, which is actually one of the hardest thing people find it difficult to do. Burna mixes the whole African message and the new modern Afro fusion together on this project. We should all enjoy this masterpiece and leave comparisons. If you have not had a taste of Burna’s wine, click TWICE AS TALL

A guest writer on the blog, GODFREY FORTUNE, alias Chief daddy of Port Harcourt is a digital marketer and music strategist. Port Harcourt’s foremost entrepreneur, whose passion for his career him to be one of the most valuable youths Port Harcourt has brought up so far. Contact him on

IG: @chiefdaddyofportharcourt
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