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Port Harcourt, the capital city of Rivers State, Nigeria; is a city along the Bonny River in the Southern (also known as Niger Delta) region of Nigeria. With the sudden spate of the nouvelle corona virus in the world, Africa has not been left out. Most specially, the highly populated countries with their populated cities.

In Africa, Nigeria is the most populated country; and the nation with its high population, has three cities as its major hub of business, populace and entertainment. The nation’s capital —Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. The three cities, each known for their various characteristics; with Abuja, the nation’s capital, known as a place for the nation’s elite; while the commercial capital, Lagos, is known as the business hub; and the city of Port Harcourt, hugely dependent on crude oil and its multinational companies, is one with rapid growing interest in entertainment, with its youth at the forefront of it.

With the onset of the deadly pandemic, PAUL KAY’S BLOG takes a look at the biggest events in the city of Port Harcourt, that have been (might be) affected by the nouvelle CoVID-19.


Port Harcourt Twitter Football Hangout, one of the most recent events in the city, pioneered by youths, had its first ever edition in the last quarter of 2019; 2nd of November, 2019 precisely. The aim of this event is to bring Port Harcourt people together, to socialize off social media, using football as its primary tool with other outdoor games and music to serenade people into the groovy vibe to suit the dry season weather condition. A second edition was anticipated to hold in April 2020, but no thanks to CoVID-19; AOL plans for it has been suspended till next year. Check them out on Twitter: @PhSquads


Chop Life Summer is an outdoor event with its main aim being ‘Party for Charity’. It was an event that raked massive positive reviews, mostly on its publicity and planning. With the event organizers taking tours to all the tertiary institutions in the state, and also ensuring ease of vehicular transport to the venue on the day, it was one crowded event. The event organizers paid charity visits to orphanages before the event, and also after the event, proceed from the event were used to make donations to schools and more orphanages. Its first edition which took place on the 31st August 2019, was a huge success that instigated the need for a successive edition. But with CoVID-19, and restrictions on social gathering, there will surely be no ‘Party for Charity’ soon.


Social Media Hangout, like the previous two events before it; is another event that is pioneered by youths in Port Harcourt. It seeks to bring out youths from the cage of social media to the open. Ediz Wine Bar situated in the heart of G.R.A. (Government Residential Area) Port Harcourt, is quite the felicitous venue for this event. The event features various games, music, dance, and meets, riding from about 12pm into the beginning of nightfall. The last edition, that took place on the 23rd of November, 2019, left people leaving spent. It is an event that youths of the city have now anticipate annually; but with the pandemic, SOCIAL MEDIA HANGOUT 2020 might just be a hangout on, ‘Social media’. Check them on Instagram, FB & Twitter as SOCIALMEDIAHANGOUT.


Popularly regarded as Port Harcourt’s biggest beauty pageant, MISS PORT HARCOURT CITY doesn’t fail to live up to the hype; right from the intense publicity that starts at the beginning of the third quarter of the year, right down to the D-day. It is also loved, as it brings all cadre of entertainment under one roof. It is quite different from the other events, as it is an indoor event, that makes use of the beautiful backdrop of Port Harcourt night time. Organizers of Port Harcourt’s biggest beauty pageant, MISS PORT HARCOURT CITY, would surely be keeping their fingers crossed and praying normalcy returns in no time. You can look them up on Facebook and Instagram on: missportharcourtcity.


“AFRO STREET FESTIVAL is an annual street festival where Afrocentric urban fashion collides with a raw display of African Art, Music, Food and Dance held in Port Harcourt, Nigeria”, so says AFRO STREET FESTIVAL. To one who has lived in Port Harcourt for the past decade, it could said to be the new ‘CARNIRIV’. It is an event that exhibits art on the streets of GRA, Port Harcourt; from dance, to music, to poetry, to fire eaters, you name it. It comes with the whole African feel, as you feel the face paintings and the African musk from the beating body of Africans. Its first edition in 2018 was fierce, but it came on stronger in the year 2019, very exceptional. The organizers still haven’t called it quits for the 2020, but with CoVID-19 still lurking. Its all hope. You can look them up on Instagram on: Afro Street Festival.


Bole Food Festival, Port Harcourt’s biggest festival is an annual outdoor event that shakes the whole of Port Harcourt city. It is popularly regarded as the biggest food festival in the whole of Southern and Eastern Nigeria. Bole Food Festival has been on since 2016, but only gained prominence in the year 2018. It is one which thrives on the beauty of the nation — youth. Outdoor events could be said to thrive only on awesome weather, but the last edition of BOLE FOOD FESTIVAL could not be stopped by natural showers. With the advent of the deadly virus, people have been wrapped in boredom and can’t wait to be free of the whole fear of the virus. But what can they do, rather than pray and hope, as much as the organizers of this event, that this year’s edition will somehow come to fruition.

Welcome to Port Harcourt city!

Any other event that was missed could be dropped in the comment section below.

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