I guess I had no idea how this was going to be. Asides being the platoon leader; I had wanted to be part of other organisations too. The music guys had seen me plating guitar and requested that I be part of them. I wanted to join the journalistic guys (orientation broadcasting studio). For I discovered that as much as I did shy away from journalism; I was inclined to it. I did enjoy it; but I guess having signed up for a platoon leader means you get to forfeit some things.

Well, not like we were being paid; but I revelled in the ability to lead this amount of people and their differences. I had led people on different platforms. But, I felt this was my greatest so far; especially as none of them graduated from the same school with me. I sort of felt like the ‘president of a country’. I think I handled tribalism very well; even when the Igbos found out I could hear, speak and I could be from their tribe too.

So, on the very first day after our elections; we were on duty. Being on duty meant members of your platoon would take participate in the kitchen; sanitation and also security. I guess it’d have been easier if we had a little more time. But we were thrown into the water and asked to survive; and survive, we did survive. Just that it sucked the stress out of me. Worse still; when we got to our platoon commander (a soldier in charge of the platoon). He said he didn’t know me (or us). So, that means we owe him a visit.

I was almost everywhere, virtually everywhere. It was in the night that I realised I had lost two things. My clothes I collected from the laundry guys and my earpiece; and a friend of mine I was supposed to see, had left me in anger. I guess not everyone could actually wait. I was supposed to go sleep; but I equally needed to unwind. So I went out to sit out with a friend (female). She is a nice person and you’d lose count of time being with her.

Well, I was about going to my place and she wished to walk me to my hostel. I guess today wasn’t the lucky day; as we were called by the Camp commandant for walking on a tarred road where we were supposed to be jogging. Despite the fact that I was tired; he paid no heed to that and then ordered I ‘frog jump’. This was more like an exercise for the thighs; but you don’t exercise this close to when you want to sleep. Its almost 10pm, Sir.

He didn’t believe we could be cousins; according to him I was shy around her. It was silly; he later released us though. But my thighs were gone. The moment my body touched my 6 inches bed, I left till morning. Day four was my most stressed day in camp here.

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