I actually penned this down before posting. I had just finished seeing this evocative movie name BLACK NOVEMBER directed by Jerry Amata. A wonderful movie for a Sunday afternoon. A wonderful epic movie it was!

The movie seemed to be a replay of something that had happened before as it had real dates mentioned in it and also depicted the Nigerian government as a military government. Actually, on seeing the name of the movie; I thought it would be a serial movie or maybe a non-Nigerian movie; but then it started with a little description of Nigeria, as it continued it funneled down to the Niger Delta. I then concluded it would be a Nigerian movie. But then, the first scene opened up in Los Angeles, United States. Worse still, it was an action scene that seemed more like a Fast and Furious movie scene.

I did have about five movies I wanted to see. So naturally, I would have stopped at the beginning as I was more interested in seeing a romantic comedy movie recommended to me by a friend. But my interest was piqued, for this seemed like a documentary. By the end of the movie, tears had welled up in my eyes. It seemed like I was in a time reborn. I saw the reason why people had gone to war. Growing up, I hated the likes of Asari Dokubo; whom I felt were rebels to the government of my country. I remembered when I read about past head of states; the pride at which I had read about them, till I grew to know more.

The movie BLACK NOVEMBER depicted the pains of the Niger Delta people first hand; their sufferings at the hands of the corrupt government and even their own representatives. I saw reason with them. To think that till this day, these sufferings are still present till today is heartbreaking. you might not know if you’ve never been there. I visited a community in Rivers State; a part of the Niger Delta named Okrika. I had actually honoured a naming ceremony invitation of a relative resident in the area. As we drove through the community en route the church, we couldn’t help but to raise the side windows of the car to reduce the putrid smell we inhaled. When I asked, I was told the river was the cause of the smell; as it was polluted and harboured dead fishes in their numbers. This was as a result of oil spill in the waterbody.

Growing up; I heard stories, I heard songs, I heard quotes and memoirs of some men who fought (violently and peacefully) for the emancipation of the people of the Niger Delta in Nigeria. But today, I lived through it; to think I later discovered the movie was released in 2012. BLACK NOVEMBER directed by Jerry Amata was really a masterclass and it is a movie that needs to be seen by the world.

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