I had stumbled upon this post written by young Tehillah Friday. It was so so evocative that I couldn’t pass up a chance to have it here for you to read. Maybe a true story, maybe not. But as you read through, learn to be nice to people; you never know what they’re going through.

It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. I had everything set out for the day. My dress, shoe, bag, scarf; I had it all set out. It was going to be my first Christmas with my family.

With me off in boarding school, I didn’t get to spend much time with my family; and whenever I had a chance to go home, the family was never complete. Either my brother had gone on a trip or dad or mom. But today everyone was home, and I was done with secondary school so we could spend all the time together; ‘finally’, I said in my head. Little did I know that the day brought what I feared most;


I was all dressed up like a fairy in my newly purchased blue pleated knee-length gown and silver stiletto heels; looking ‘take away’ as we would commonly say. Feeling all ‘princessy’, I walked down the stairs to meet my family in the parlour. As I walked down the stairs, I was excited but the closer I got to the parlour, the darker the house became, the quieter too. I felt a chilling sensation run through my spine, causing me to shiver but I pushed it away.

My feet finally landed on the last step; the sight I met still haunts me till date. Blood splattered all over, glass shattered, the body of the people I once loved laying lifeless. I wanted to turn away and run but something called out to me. I couldn’t help but move closer to the bodies. As I knelt before my brothers body, I heard a whisper in the wind saying ” Run!” I looked up and from the stairs I just descended, a pair of eyes filled with hatred and a hunger for blood shone at me.
Fear had me rooted to the ground but again I heard the voice, “Run!” It said. It’s words brought life back to my feet and I stood and ran!

Till this day I have never looked back in the dark and Christmas became “crymas”, for on this day I lost the ones I lived for. On this day I and the dark became one.

Tehilah E. Friday is an indigene of Delta State, Nigeria; born and bred in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria. She was born on 17th September, 2002. She’s a writer, poet and most recently a blogger, currently studying linguistics and communication in Rivers State University. You can reach her on on

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