“Sometimes, its not easy. My friend you cannot stick with one type of soup all your life. A wise man once said that variety is the spice of life. Now, let me ask you; are you faithful to your girlfriend? My friend, when you reach the stage, you’ll know what I’m talking about”, said Mr. Williams, a father of two kids married for over nine years.

“Guy, I love my girlfriend so much; but once in a while, I just have to flex these muscles… She might even be collecting sex outside and I wouldn’t even know. In this our time, no one is faithful”, said Alex, an undergraduate in a relationship of nearly two years.

“I can’t actually cheat on my man. I can’t imagine my self having sex with another man; the moment I even begin to crave to feel another man inside me, I think my relationship is ruined”, quipped Cynthia, a lady in a relationship of over two years

I can go on and on; and you’d read the different shades from different minds. But then, (smiles) I won’t.

Last week; the Nigerian internet space went agog as a woman probably in her forties or fifties saw the young lady whom her husband has been cheating on her with. All hell was let loose on that day. If allowed, she would have torn the young lady to pieces. Watching the video, although it was amusing; but one had to admit it was also evocative!

Many times, couples end up making marriage a job where the wife always prepare meals for the family and ensure the children are well kept and the husband ensures that he settles all financial bills. We all know how boring our jobs can be; many times we do hate our jobs, why then should we make marriage a chore?

Someone once told me that without cheating, the relationship would be boring. It would just be a smooth sail and sometimes you have to fall out of track, so you’d be able to appreciate your time on track. I was puzzled, really puzzled; what would have made someone conceive such thought.

Marriage is a pact that requires maturity, emotionally and mentally. Your partner should embody every thing you’d want in any person. The moment you begin to nurse that secret admiration for another, that’s where cheating starts from. It actually starts from the mind. The moment you begin to detest a certain attribute of your partner without letting your partner know, cheating has started.

As much as possible, couples should try to shun aggressive comparison and more so try to be the person they were at the beginning of the relationship that stunned their partner and stole their attention. Cheating should never be a spice to your union. Rather, go on a fresh honeymoon, re-marry your partner, re-woo your partner and save that relationship; otherwise, quit and begin a new one!

Happy Sunday!

Note: Please do note that all names used were actually changed from the actual names to avoid resemblance of any kind.

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  1. Nice write up bro… you forgot to add this *Go to the gym together* … very important… it’s actually bad seeing the wrong ideologies of men …..

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