If anything, yesterday was a day in hell (judging by your timezone but I mean Tuesday 7th January, 2020). I think I can categorically state that I haven’t seen anything like it. I was shaken but then, I had to be a man!

I was ill. I had severe stomach aches, symptoms of malaria the night before. But then I got drugs for a pharmacist and my night was smooth. Woke up and had to lead the prayer session, mom and dad hadn’t returned. So, I had to lead. Morning prayer was over, then came morning chores and breakfast.

I left before breakfast; had to meet a friend waiting before my phone would go off. Did meet her, haven’t had power for a while; so I decided to start the power generating set, I should have used the big one,but no…I want my two litres of fuel to last for four hours, at least. My brother tried it and it couldn’t start, I tried it myself and it did. I came inside the house, plugged everything the little power generating set could accept. A little while I perceived something burning. All switches in the house were put off, but the smell persisted. I sent my junior brother to go and check. My sister who joined him, came and called for me, I actually thought she was calling me to come and put on the same power generating set known as ‘I pass my neighbour’. My decision was made to not touch it again, till I had enough fuel for the big one. What would I know?

I finally went outside to meet this burgeoning ‘hell’. No single person had a fire extinguisher in the whole compound. My thoughts were really wild. This even, wasn’t our house; coupled with the certificates of every single member in my house. We had to call for help; water was poured on it and the water acted like fuel. I was scared the fire shouldn’t get to the fuel tank which was full…what an explosion it would have been. We had to mix water with detergent in it was poured in huge amounts till the fire was overwhelmed. I saw a fire that had cracked wall already and almost shattered a window. A fire that burnt clothes on laundry lines, that melted other things. I was too shocked to speak.

I couldn’t even write! I don’t even know how to give testimonies in church. They normally complain its long; reasons I stopped giving testimonies in church. I think every household should have a fire extinguisher, and be very careful. Worse thing about it was that, its the harmattan season in the tropics; so the fire was wild, tilting to the left or right at super speeds! How could I have blogged if all my devices were burnt? My younger sister who felt she needed new clothes, would have had only one.

Wherever you are, you’ve got no reason to be depressed. Appreciate what you have, for you might never its value till you lose it!

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  1. Thank God it ended as a comedy and not tragedy, being extra careful is the next little thing we should learn to do especially in this harmattan season.

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