Image of a man trying to divide wood using a hand axe. Photo source: Paul Kay

I trust you’re having a good day wherever you are my awesome readers. I told you I’ll be taking a course on photography, well this is the first image I took by myself that I’ll be hosting on the blog.

For the people here that I spent the Christmas holidays with, the holidays are never over till the first Monday of the year. Most of them can even extend it to the second Monday. I was inside my house when I kept on hearing this constant sound. I came out and saw this huge log of wood that a man was trying to chop into smaller pieces. I actually doubted if the wood could be chopped at that particular moment. I wanted to play my guitar; but I stopped to watch him intently as he looked like he was never getting tired. At some point, he stopped to take a call. I looked at him, he was tired; More so, this wasn’t his wood nor was he chopping it for his use. He merely saw a lady chopping the wood and offered to help, this was the point where he could have quit.

After the call, I thought he would walk away or probably move while on his call. He didn’t, He rather put his phone back in his pocket, and then continued chopping the wood. He turned it round, laid it on the side; all looking for suitable means to chop the wood. He raised his hand higher, hit the wood with more precision, more accuracy, more strength. All this he did, in a bid to chop the wood to pieces and finally, he did.

The chopped log of wood after much effort.
Photo Source: Paul Kay

Now, last year in Nigeria; it seemed depression was making the waves and it was deadly because it wasn’t just stopping at people being depressed, it progressed to suicides. Many persons lost their lives. A girl killed herself over her boyfriend, a final year student of Civil Engineering committed suicide too, presumably over financial issue.

In this year, you are to likely come against challenges. Most persons are actually going through hiccups now; and are feeling like giving up. But, just like the wood cutter who persisted…. So should you.

Add a few glitches, a few tweaks …… could be what would get you there. Never be like a man who dug a mine for ninety nine days and gave up, that there’s no gold….only for another to pick up from where he stopped, and dug for only a day and all the gold became his.

Never ever give up!

Giving up is never a safe option!

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