Happy new year to you all my awesome readers. This past year has been an awesome one for me as a writer; not just because I bagged my B.Sc certificate, No. But, because I made bold steps as a writer. I actually completed and published my first book, not just online but in print. I also began this, so I think I too should be happy. The only reason I don’t attach much importance to the new year heat is because as we celebrate the new year, we shouldn’t forget that there are two types of calendars: The Gregorian Calendar and The Hijri Calendar. So, whilst you celebrate because you use the Gregorian Calendar; consider those who use the Hijri Calendar too (smiles).

Well, since I’m part of the users of the Gregorian Calendar; I think I should also be part of the whole festivities. I’d be making promises on the blog. Most times, I want to always feed you with daily contents. Just that I also have to make sure its amazing. This year, I promise to wow you on this blog.

Today’s my grandma’s annual thanksgiving, and all her grand children has to be part of it. Well, I’m warming towards it. I do have a crush in her church, more reason I look forward to it too. All rooms have been cleaned, but I do hope my friends come around so we’d get to kill ourselves over video games on my laptop. Now, I must say; I am actually not among those in support of the ‘New Year, New This’. I do believe that whatever you want to do, you can do it at any time as far as you set your heart to do it. Many times by casting your heart on the end product. Because as much as this is a new year, let’s not forget last year was just a night away. So, time can actually be an illusion. Anything you want to do, you should start at any time. All it takes is what I call 3Ds: DILIGENCE, DETERMINATION & DISCIPLINE.

No one overwhelms the other; for you to be successful, you actually need to have all three. Many persons detest motivational talks especially in this part of the world. But, you won’t blame them much. To add to that; this year, you need to learn how to save up some part of your money, and not just saving but also making that money work for you. I’ll be giving you something I learnt last year. Your income should always be calculated, so your expenses never overwhelm it. When you get your income divide into ten. Use one part of it as your tithe to God. The nine parts you have should be shared into three: INVESTMENT, EXPENSES & SAVINGS. If you follow this diligently you’d be shocked, how progressive your finances would be this year.

And of course, this year…….you should make sure you do read books. Good books not just novels. Yes, there could be novels; because we also travel by reading. But, you should make sure you take us personal development books. Learn a skill or two. Whatever skill it be, do make sure you do attain a skill. Of course, also do well to learn a new language. You’ll be amazed at how awesome you’d feel once you can speak a new language. Depression would creep in, true; especially in this month of January after you must have spent a lot in the month of December.

Set principles, set targets, long term goals with the addition of short term goals to keep you in line. Take pictures, seek happiness in worthy things. Detest comparison, detest jealousy. Know your enemies (yeah) and avoid their snares. Be careful of those who praise you too much, and do all you can do while you can do it.


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