I saw some pictures and bam, the memories started pouring in. Crazy memories, crazy ones.

Meanwhile, I’m wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I think we are still in the yuletide season. On thirtieth of December, I feel I can still say Merry Christmas. After all, most persons keep on saying Happy New Year till March or so.

During this yuletide season; or rather yesterday. If you had moved around, you’d find so many persons using forks and knives, not knowing which to hold at the left or which to use and cut; most others fidgeting with the piece of meat on their bowl. One girl whose piece of meat fell to the ground alongside a piece of cutlery was stunned at the amount of eyes looking at her. I could say she was embarrassed because it didn’t take long for her to leave.

Now, if you move around the world. (Smiles; Yes, I haven’t moved around but I intend to.) You’d notice different cultures and cutleries too. The chop sticks, the fork and knives, the spoons, even the hands.

During my days in secondary school (high school) we were all meant to use fork and knives. No other cutlery for African dishes; even rice. But now, nobody forces you; so why try what you aren’t good at?

If you go around you’d find people in various places eating and fidgeting with their fork and knives. Well, the fork is to be held at the left while the knife is held at the right. But, if you can’t do good with it; do with what makes you comfortable.

Happy yuletide season people!

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