So, for our new month wish; we do have a writer, RUBY NATHAN-UTU, born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria; She is a lawyer who enjoys reading immensely. A publisher of I HAVE SEEN A MAN. You can also look it up on In addition to practicing law, she runs THE BUSY MINDS BOOKCLUB. Ruby lives in Port Harcourt where she practices her profession as a lawyer and also engages in educational volunteer work at her spare time.

Now, time to savour her words.

The year has ended, for some – tragedies! nothing else to look forward to.

It just began for others – goodness happened to them.

Some can’t wait for it to be over, others want it to stay a little longer.

Whatever it is, whatever may have or have not happened, remember Tambosele

That’s the name of someone in my place. The name isn’t common. Growing up I knew just one person with it, shortened to Tambo. It was in later years I got to know the full name.
In my dialect, it means literally – “Today is not Tomorrow”
Which is another way of saying nobody knows tomorrow.

So as long as you have breath, remember Tambosele.

Happy new month! Its never over until its over

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