Indians protesting the rape and murder of a 27 year old female

A splendid Saturday afternoon to you. I had just sat to enjoy the lovely Saturday afternoon with matches across England starting by 4pm WAT when I darted to the Aljazeera channel. What I saw, moved me to tears. Maybe because I have only sisters, or maybe because I’m actually human.

You look around you and you hear everyone (especially the females) saying “we live in a man’s world”. Recently, I also heard that religions support patriarchy! What would I know? My knowledge of religions are limited (I’m working on knowing more). But from the few religions I know of, females are quite restricted to some certain habits, things or even places. Even in Saudi Arabia, women were recently allowed to drive cars. I was on twitter last week and a young Nigerian muslim female in her late teens was cyber-bullied because she swam. She was swimming in a trunk that covered every inch of her body aside her hand, feet and face. For crying aloud, who swims in such a trunk? But then, the males from the northern region of Nigeria came down on the teenager; raining arrows of abusive words on her. Before her religion, she’s a human.

Recently, a young reporter from BBC; Kiki Mordi was praised by all and sundry for her role in #SexforMarks scandal. To an extent, I think I can know what young ladies go through. In my final in a university in Nigeria; I was victimized by a lecturer who thought a young female he had attractions for, had eyes on me. This was something I was oblivious of, yet I was victimized. I couldn’t take it further because I was advised to let it go; lest I be used as a scapegoat. But this is what millions of girls go through in higher institutions all over the world.

Now, what about rape? Have we ever sat down to consider the events that surround rape? A friend of mine once told me; if she ever happens to be caught in a rape situation, she’ll plead with the rapists to slowly arouse her, so it’ll be mutual pleasure. I turn on Aljazeera channel and see news of a 27 year old raped and burnt to death. A 27 year old raped by men born by females, men who would get married to females and probably give birth to females. Maybe our institutions responsible for value inculcation are failing. Maybe parents too are failing in grooming their young men. Maybe the society that tends to place more importance on the male child right from birth is also cause of this.

But, in whatever medium you can; in whatever little way…. Help to stop the beast named rape. The victims of rape are never the same. The families of the victims are never the same. As a male too, you’re a human before your gender, religion or qualification.

We are humans first!

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