A nursing mother and her infant

The few weeks after childbirth are periods that are really golden to the growth and development of a child physically. It is also the most vulnerable period in a child’s life. As a matter of fact, I commend single fathers who lost their wives during childbirth and catered for their children by themselves. I don’t know how you guys did it but its adorable! Children in these stages can’t even complain when they are uncomfortable; they mostly cry and sleep. A baby may be crying due to pains from falling from the hands of an older sibling and a mom wouldn’t know and would think the baby is hungry. This is why parents (especially moms) are required to be highly observant during this stage of a child’s life.

Also, at this stage of a child’s life; a child is usually vulnerable to many things that one would easily shrug off. The tiny discomfort of a headache can kill a baby. Even starvation for few hours would kill a baby. A noise too loud, a mosquito bite can as well cause the death of a baby. This is because the resistance or immune systems are still being developed.

I don’t know if this is a universal belief; but its believed in most parts of the world that the head of humans can be shaped to any shape one desires, few days or weeks after childbirth. Occasionally, one hears jibes of head shapes being disproportionate due to the ‘moulder’ of the head. You may have your doubts, but I have seen grandmothers gently massaging the head of little babies while bathing them in a bid to give them a desired shape (oval, square, rectangular, etc).

Now, at this stage babies are covered even here, in the tropics. Gloves on hands, socks on feet, head warmers on head. Some moms discreetly wants to even cover their faces (aside eyes and nose) if possible. I wouldn’t know; but I’ve seen humans….Scratch that, I do have a friend whose head is way bigger than his body. It looks heavy on him and he acts like he’s partially insane. On my interaction with this African mother, she said its because air entered the skull of the child.

Could this be a medical condition, is it true that air can enter the head of a human?

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  1. Hmm… I think it’s a myth.
    I’ve also seen cases where mothers are asked to massage the nose and baby butt very well to get the desired shape as well.
    There’s a rumor that the Ijaws are good at it hence their big bum bum 😂

    1. Wow,Wow, Wow! There could be some truth to this o….. The Ijaws are renowned for their big buttocks. I’ve never seen any Ijaw lady with small buttocks. They are actually the dream of the typical ‘African’ man!

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