I remember this more as a boarder, a junior secondary school student who is a boarder. I had read tales about boarding schools; but all my tales were tales of discipline, hardwork and struggle without the soft pedaling that comes with living with one’s parents. I had never heard anything about lady koi-koi before then. But when I got into the walls of the hugely admirable boarding school, I heard things and I saw people giving testimonies—you could call it luck or grace, but I really never had any personal experience of it.

There were tales of lady koi-koi; a young beautiful lady who was ambushed and killed by students of a certain boarding school and when she was buried she wore one leg of a pair of her high-heeled shoes which made the koi-koi sound (hence the name, lady koi-koi). It was told that whenever she came, she came to torment boys generally; that you’d hear the koi-koi sound whenever she is approaching. To top this, there were experiences that topped this. For instance, on such nights that heralded these visits; there would be no power and the school generator must have an issue. The breeze that always blow on such nights were on a different level, and many people tend to sleep early. These were nights when I’d recite Psalms 91, rub the olive oil received from my mom all over my body and then put my holy bible under my pillow as I slept.

It was said that lady koi-koi was omnipresent and would visit anyone who doubted her existence. I wasn’t one to compete with such knowledge. So, I never doubted openly. But, I could remember a sudden night when some girls under a particular tree; rose up screamed and started swirling, with her eyes popping, screaming, headed violently to meet our chapel prefect, King Benneth (wherever you are, remain blessed). People gathered her and overpowered her; the moment she was overpowered, another girl started exhibiting same symptoms. She was stopped and overpowered, but the same cycle continued till they sent all the girls back to the hostel and evening prep was over.

There was another ocassion where it was reported that a boy was possessed that he ran round the school field at about 1am and even when shot at by the security operatives, he kept on running. There was another ocassion where a boy went out to wee in the night at the bark of a tree and the tree changed colours and numerous voices were heard. He shouted as he ran back. There were ocassions were people testified they felt a presence and at that time, they felt their heads go big or lost their voices.

I don’t know if I can now term it as a myth but I personally didn’t experience a lot of these things. You know more about this? you could drop your opinions and even drop your experiences.

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