What happens when you find out that your role model may not be so good for the role?

In my life, at various stages; I had different role models. Different persons I felt my life should be modeled against… Well, at some of the times; I didn’t know it was called role model. Right from primary 5,( if you schooled in Nigeria) up till now. There have been various persons I’ve admired, irrespective of gender, sex, age, tribe nor religion.

One even wrote a book about himself. A book I admired and went back to numerous times. He was my beacon of hope, my beacon of light. I admired his family, I admired his kids, his values, his likes; the way he set himself for his future. When I look at him, I never get jealous (well, I actually never get jealous, I admire cos I feel I’m on same path).

There are also some of role models who are quite far and I got to know them through their movies, books, whatever legacy they might have had.

Most of them, as I matured I dropped them off; perhaps the attachment was more of my childish thoughts. But some others, I weaned myself to the values I saw in them. It might have been their cockiness, their confidence, their gait (I could remember imitating gaits of various men at 17 till I found mine [laughs] at some point, my aunt said I’m now walking like someone who lost his way) their intonation, their patience, their outlook in life, their attitude towards money, women, men,and even towards God.

Now, what then happens when you discover this god of a human isn’t so much of a god?

What happens when you discover that the man you admire his wealth so much is also peddling drugs?

What happens when you discover that the man you admire his wealth, confidence, ego, and authority murdered his mom for money?

What happens when you discover that the lady you admire so much cos of the respect she has placed on herself is another lady by night?

Many times, we discover that people are not who they’ve made themselves appear. Often times too, the downfall of a role model affects the growth curve of his or her protégé; especially if the protégé is mentally frail or if the protégé is a young person or if the person has been overtly possessed.

Most times, we find people supporting their role model despite acknowledging that he or she is wrong. They choose to cast a blind eye, especially if they’ve spent better part of their life studying the life of their role model.

What if you discover your role model doesn’t suit the role any longer, what would you do? What would you advise others to do?

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