I am sure many people had no idea about it. I don’t know if this is Journalism worldwide or just in my country in Western part of Africa, Nigeria. I grew up with a dad who’s a journalist. I had always believed I could write but the risk and money bag that came with journalism made me shy away from it. The things the so called ‘4th estate of the realm” suffer are tales to be told later.

I remember how young I was when my dad almost got assassinated. Everyone hails and admires Kiki Mordi the journalist that made the Sex for Marks documentary. If you ask me she was lucky; do you know how many patriotic journalist who went down because of their patriotism.

Today, On the blog…..I have a young and aspiring journalist on the blog by the name Peace Olorunyomi.

Her words:

I love Investigative Journalism.
I’m always curious, i want to know what’s happening and why it’s happening.
I want an in-depth knowledge about a particular thing that leads to a news.
I want to solve a particular problem with the knowledge acquired.

But I hate the risks involved.
The lives of journalists aren’t well secured.
A lot of them face violent attacks from members of the public while discharging their duties.
Several death cases…

But then i hope my passion wins at the end of the day.
When journalists are provided with an enabling environment that will afford the freedom to practice their profession.

The pen, they say is mightier than the sword
But then what happens when the sword hits first?

••Peace Olorunyomi

In my opinion, the pen is mightier than the sword. I did a poem on this that I was to present at the 15th anniversary of a Newspaper. Sad thing they rushed the anniversary. Journalists, glorified servants without glorified salaries.

Good evening, lemme rest small before the late kick off for my favourite football club —; Chelsea

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