Consistency is really a thing; but before I start to talk plenty about my lazy habits; let me take you to the post I am here to write.

TEACHERS: Many times, there are unqualified teachers who are teachers. They are unqualified not due to academic qualifications but due to emotional and mental qualifications. Teachers have no idea of the work they have set out to do. They forget their job also involve guiding children who most times are having identity crisis, esteem issues and insecurities. Especially teachers who teach children in secondary (or high) school.

My baby sister who is in her second year of teen age could be described as a late bloomer; she comes back from school lamenting about her teacher who called her a guy today. When asked she said not only one but two of her teachers. First off, it was noticed that she had bought and worn ear rings on her ear to avoid a repetition of such. Her parents are trying to encourage her not to hate the teacher; Well, one of her parents—her mom. But her dad is tutoring her on polite insult.

Many teachers due to the harsh economic weather or whatever issues they might be facing, often tend to transfer this to their students; who take and harbor these, most times for life. I can’t forget when a math teacher told me to shut up with my caterpillar head. It never left me, cos my classmates were always close to remind me!

I’d leave the comment section absolutely open without moderation. Drop comments on similar experience from any teacher you might have had and if you have a thing or two to add….the world’s waiting.

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