So, here we have an Abiola Aduragbemi, a Nigerian, a social media enthusiast, growth hack and writer. Quite friendly with an amazing sense of humor. Some of his contents are up on IG and twitter @_officialaa and @_iamofficialaa. So in his words; “Slide in, should you choose to accept🌚”

Good morning,

Hey, I’m sure you’ve already come across a butt-load of “examination motivation”, most of which are very valid. Just remember this little word, start. Allow it ring in your head for a second. Irrespective of prior threats from lecturers of how tough the exam is going to be or how overwhelming the first sight of the questions might be.

You need to actually start the exam to pass. There’s always going to be one teeny piece of cake question, start with that. You’ll progress much easy. Most importantly, remember that “luck is when opportunity meets preparation”. Life, they say is an examination.

Do have a wonderful week ahead and of course feel free to share on timelines

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